Evaluation and estimate

Trade Art Gallery has expert consultants in all fields of art, from the ancient art, to the modern and contemporary one. They draw up estimates and evaluations in order to establish the real value of works of art.

Expertise and archiving

Trade Art Gallery collaborates with the most important art historians, recognised experts, archives and foundations, and can carry out the process for checking the authenticity on behalf of its clients.

Consulting on buying and selling of works of art

Trade Art Gallery makes the necessary assistance available to art dealers by checking for each work of art the adequacy of values, the origin, the state of conservation, the historical and artistic importance, and the authenticity.
Sales account Support to the selling or buying of the collector’s piece through private treaty. Trade Art Gallery promotes the meeting between request and offer.

Support to auction sale

Trade Art Gallery collaborates with important auction houses in order to support you in the process for selling or buying at auction. It offers a detailed analysis concerning visibility, quotation, value and legislation that regulates the trade of the works of art.