Tommaso Arscone was born in Genoa on 11th February 1980. In 1999 he graduated at the high school Leonardo da Vinci of Genoa and during the same year he passed brilliantly the admission test for the European Institute of Design in Turin. However he decided not to enrol in order to devote himself to art. In 1996 he began to produce paintings as complete self-taught artist, using different techniques such as acrylic, oil brush, oil spatula, airbrush, ink, pastel, charcoal, pencil and painting on different materials: canvas, table, prepared paper, copper, slate, plaster, leather, aluminum, plexiglass. Over the years his works evolved in pursuit of shades, shapes, light, harmony, optical illusions and colours in subjects such as bodies, female faces, old men, hands, either marked by wrinkles, or painted as a flat surface, or using contrasts of colours derived from the bright lights. In 2006, after a long period spent studying and practicing, he began to take part in some collective exhibitions in Turin and in Monte Carlo. The following year he won the award for the “Best Young Artist” at the Second Biennial Art gallery Satura in Genoa. In 2008 he presented at Palazzo Stella his first solo exhibition. During the following years he took part in others exhibitions and international events such as the American Art Festival “Genoa meets Easton”. During this circumstance he met the famous American sculptor Karl Stirner. They started to work together and Tommaso undertook his first voyage to America, where he got familiar with the art of the most famous neighborhoods of New York and exhibited in two group shows in Chelsea and in Manhattan.

In the recent years he devoted himself to study and experimentation which led in time to produce works characterized by meticulous and careful surface preparation, designed to achieve the maximum yield three-dimensional. The figures painted on the skin through the exasperation of light and chiaroscuro seem carved into the canvas or in the air. The figures on canvas with acrylic painting above seem to emerge from glass, water or milk. In some works the subject is often distorted as in a lens, while the part of Plexiglas is blurred and fuzzy, creating a contrast between a painting technique more and more instinctive. The Artist brushed the alluminum by hand to use it as a natural background and to bring out the subject. In 2013 he started to work with the Galleria San Giorgio in Portofino and in September 2014 with the Trade Art new contemporary art gallery in Milan. For this gallery he made exhibitions also in Bahrain and in Dubai. He always searches for harmony and beauty with strong colour contrasts, shades and lights, with the alternation of soft strokes, leaving almost imperceptible signs, and features more intuitive and material. In these works the uniqueness of the pictorial gesture and freedom of movement of the hand prevail, thus giving a strong visual impact and increased transportation. Cuts and positions leave free interpretation to the imagination of the beholder.