Roberta Zambon was born in Brindisi and at 18 she moved to Treviso, she currently lives and works in Milan. Although her studies are distant from his artistic inclinations, inherited in her family by her painter father and her pianist mother, she still manages to cultivate his passion for art in his spare time, choosing to dedicate himself to it entirely. Thus describes her painting: “I like to paint creating suspended scenarios between dream and reality and the figures I represent, mostly female, are almost hidden and emerge from a background in continuous movement. In fact, I try to blend the emotions expressed in my subjects, confusing them with those aroused by the context and using colors in a dynamic way to represent a constantly evolving reality, to underline how man lives in a symbiotic relationship with matter and time.

Sometimes I use the wires, which I think are able to create a greater continuity between the figures and the surrounding space, as if they were vibrations emitted by a musical instrument, different music depending on the emotion that you want to transmit. In this I was certainly influenced by having listened to my mother as a child playing the piano and I am convinced that sounds and music have great importance in human existence. Sometimes I depict only faces, but when I paint the figure entirely I represent the faceless to emphasize the communicative power of gestures. I think that the language of the body and the symbolic language are sufficient to convey an emotion and I leave the observer the freedom to attribute to the figure the face most corresponding to the peculiar and individual feeling that is inspired by the image as a whole”.