YEAR: 1985
TECHNIQUE: Mixed technique on paper
DIMENSIONS: 20.5 x 15 cm
On the back: signed: forget, Easter 1985, Nicola De Maria ORIGIN: Galleria Cardi,
Milan. Authentication of the artist on photography.


Italian painter (Foglianise 1954). A medical student in Turin, he first became interested in experimental photography, then devoted himself to drawing and painting. Associate, in the early eighties, to the group of the transavanguardia (Biennale di Venezia, 1980; Documenta di Kassel, 1982; etc.), he elaborated a pictorial language that combines suggestive metaphorical or abstract images with writings drawn with light handwriting (La montagna mi he hid the moon, what should I do ?, 1982, Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum).

Beyond the subjects treated (in general landscapes and heads) and the naturalistic or geometrical plant, De M. has continued to entrust the task of eliciting poetic and musical emotions to the chromatic mixture. His works have been presented in major exhibitions (Aspects of Italian art 1960-1985, 1986, Frankfurt am Main, Kunstverein, Venice Biennale, 1990, 1993, etc.) and also in numerous solo exhibitions (1992, Paris and New York, Lelong Gallery, 1998, Linz, Neue Galerie, 2004, Rome, MACRO, 2011, Prato, Luigi Pecci Center, 2013, Turin, Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art).