Nicola Berardino showed his passion for art from an early age, but it is only after his stay in Paris in the ’80s, where he is fascinated by the great impressionists of the past such as Monet, Degas, Renoir, which he clearly outlines his style and his technique, refined with the subsequent school of painting and engraving. If, however, in style we certainly notice the lesson of the Great Masters, it is in the technique that he is certainly an innovator: the artist in fact chooses the spatula as an exclusive tool for his painting, as the rendering of color and the material that it is in The degree of giving is not comparable to the brush, although its use requires a skill and knowledge that only a few can develop.

And among these ‘elected’ we find precisely the maestro Berardino, eclectic and constantly evolving: if in fact at the beginning he mainly depicted the glimpses of the most evocative Italian landscapes and painted in color, over the years he has developed painting in black and white, more suggestive but also much more complex artistically, and the representation of faces and figures. For years he has participated in important exhibitions, exhibitions and national and foreign competitions, achieving important awards; he works regularly with more than ten galleries in Italy (Venice, Siena, Bellagio, Positano) his works are now present in public and private collections in France, Germany, United States, Australia, Japan. Art is a constant research, an evolution, and the true artist is the one who, not by denying tradition, but by making it his own, develops an autonomous artistic personality that allows him to distinguish himself and express his deeper ‘I’.