A continuous need to create is what led Monica De Mattei to express herself through art. If drawing is the backbone that has always accompanied her work – starting from scientific studies and architectural design -, it is the vigorous energy given by color, which inevitably attracts the eye towards her work. After having devoted himself to a varied experimentation of techniques and forms, she found his stylistic expression in painting, devoting himself, in particular, to the representation of fish. She exhibited his paintings in various exhibitions in Milan, the city where she was born, in Italy and abroad.

The search for an infinite reproduction of the same subject that, each time, appears different in shapes and colors, has given rise to different cycles in which the artist has studied different themes. From the first “Oblò”, in which it represents sea views seen from the inside of a ship, to the black shapes that swim in the colorful geometric waters of “Oceano 4.0”, from the fish matrioske of “Maternità” to the abstract forms dictated by the emotion in “Primordi”, Monica swims through her floating world to create “The infinite aquarium”, where to break the glass of reality and trespass towards the joy of fantasy.