The fifty faces of Marylin

YEAR: 2004
TECHNIQUE: Seridécollage on paper
DIMENSIONS: 100 x 70 cm
Signed and numbered on the front. P.A. signed lower right Dry stamp of the Rotella Foundation – Milan North East.


Italian painter (Catanzaro 1918 – Milan 2006). Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, after a stay in the USA (1952-53) and a series of tests ranging from neoplastic compositions to experiences of phonetic poetry, in 1954 he worked out his first décollages in Rome (torn posters). Present, since 1961, at the manifestations of the group of Nouveaux réalistes, in 1965 he settled in Paris where, for about a decade, he experimented mechanical transcription processes of the image contributing to the definition of Mec-art (Artypos series, 1970; Plastiforme, 1975 ).

In Italy since 1980, R. returned to painting, proposing series of great acrylics on the theme of cinema (Cinecittà 2, 1984, Felliniana, 1997) or reworkings of his décollages (Sovrapitture, 1987). Works in the modern art galleries of Rome, Turin, etc. In 2000 the Mimmo Rotella Foundation was founded.