Born in 1959 in Milan, son of Italian father and Swiss mother. Strongly attracted to each expression of art, early age he devoted himself to painting, encouraged by experts and critics such as Oreste Marini, Gustavo Predaval. He is interested to sculpture and still as a student at art school, he spent a period in Paris in the studio of Emile Gilioli, French-Italian sculptor of international renown. After attending artistic high school he enrolled in IUAV University in Venice where he studied architecture. He earned then his doctorate in architecture at the Politecnico in Milan. Giò di Busca worked as architect and multifaceted designer for prestigious commissions and companies in Italy and abroad. But it is in sculpture that realizes his artistic passion, his soul searching, his genius, his love of beauty.

His works merge cultures radically opposed and are related to nature, to the music, but also the ancient to the modern technology. The ongoing studies and the relentless pursuit to create a new aesthetic code, a project in tribute and in defense of beauty, with a decided refusal of homologation. The ecxeptionally diverse complete works includes sculptures made of bronze and stainless steel, his oeuvre also involves oil paintings and drawings. Giò di Busca lives and works in Switzerland, canton of Ticino.