Face, study for the painting “Sogno”

YEAR: 1953
TECHNIQUE: Fat pencil on paper
DIMENSIONS: 26 x 40 cm
On the back: labels: N13 – Comanducci Gallery exhibition, Milan, La Scaletta, RE, 1980, reproduced in the catalog.

La Scaletta Gallery, San Polo of Reggio Emilia Galleria Comanducci, Milan.


Italian painter (Novara 1883 – Turin 1963). One of the most eminent figures in the modern artistic movement in Italy. Trained in classical and musical studies, he devoted himself to painting from 1902. In 1907 he successfully exhibited at the Venice Biennale and then also participated in the alternative exhibitions of Ca ‘Pesaro (1913, 1920). His critical spirit prompted him to meet with the European symbolist movement and in particular with the Viennese secession, which led to a research which, while working in the context of a chromatic and linear taste, already showed its interest in purity and the clearness of the form.

Since the end of the First World War, he moved to Turin, a close friendship with A. Casella, P. Gobetti, E. Persico, L. Venturi, R. Gualino, through the teaching and organization of exhibitions, he was at the center of a cultural movement of great vitality and openness that led him, in a global vision of the arts, to take an interest also in architecture (with A. Sartoris), applied arts, scenography. A profound rereading of Cézanne’s work pushed him to a rigorous search for formal constructiveness and firmness. From 1930 his painting became more moved, within a refined range of colors. Also interesting is the pictorial activity of his wife, Daphne Maugham (London 1897 – Turin 1986).