Simultaneity of opposites

YEAR: early 50s
TECHNIQUE: Tempera on paper
DIMENSIONS: 16.3 x 11.5 cm
At the front: signed below: Munari.

ORIGIN: Milena Milani Collection.
Authentication on photography by Prof. Alberto Munari.


Italian designer, sculptor and writer (Milan 1907 – 1998). Considered one of the greatest protagonists of 20th century art, design and graphics, he has kept his whimsical creativity unchanged in support of the constructive investigation of the form through visual and tactile experiments and, together, his great ability to communicate it through words, objects, toys.

Initially close to Futurism, he gradually moved away from it, dedicating his research to the deepening of shapes and colors and the aesthetic autonomy of objects.Among the most emblematic realizations are the “useless machines” (from 1933), mechanical devices presented as experimental models that investigate the perceptive possibilities, which made M. a precursor of the optical art.