He moved almost immediately to Milan, and then the city of Milan for education, for culture, for psychology, for habits. Shows a strong early interest in drawing and color, he attended courses in drawing and painting of the College Turn it with great profit and satisfaction. These years will determine the basic conditions for his future artistic and professional. For years, frantic, full of events, student movements, social, youth, of which the young Pieramati participates, but never forgets that the painting remains his dream, reinforcing those attitudes that would lead him to attend the ‘Academy of Brera . After the technical diploma and experience in different fields, where did not feel made, he leaves his job and the family home, devoting himself entirely to painting, but also graphics and applied arts. From 1980 to ’83 runs for the’ Europe, stopping in Greece and Spain. In recent years expanded its horizons intellectual and aesthetic, thanks to the knowledge of artists and the art world in a confrontation on current affairs and history, techniques, and poetic.

He lays the foundations of his artistic discourse called “Computerismo” which is a reference to the theory and practice of the decomposition of images which reflect the avant-garde of the century and now taken over by the new sensitivity favored by new communication technologies. Back in Milan he opened a studio continuing his research iconographic analysis. Looking called computeristica, which continues to be the central part of his pictorial work, alongside an ‘experience images of the city made up of a perspective playful and cheerful, entering the world of advertising and graphic design. Companies like Casio and Lorenz used his ideas and proposals to set up their collections, helping to spread his work internationally. His way of representing cities, streets, squares become ticket notoriety that they do know and appreciate. The municipality of Milan in 1983, dedicated a show in the area of ‘Arengario. Since 1980, continuing his research on the prospects offered by the Discounted external computerismo, probed with his works the intricacies of visibility, renewing at every achievement, enthusiasm to go ahead, articulating, differentiating, confirming, innovating.