(copy 80/100) and inscription “A.B for Edoardo Landi of the Enne Group” at the front
YEAR: 1961/1962
TECHNIQUE: Serigraphy
DIMENSIONS: 65 x 65 cm


Italian painter (Padova 1937). In 1959 with Chiggio, Costa, Landi, Massironi founded the N Group in Padua, which proposed, through a method of collective investigation, the “progressive demystification of the relationship between artist and work-society”; later he established the N 65 Group with Landi and Massironi. In the field of visual research, optical-dynamic surveys and decomposable objects are followed by kinetic images, the result of prismatic refractions of light and dynamic photoreflections.

Among the various experiments also includes the use of the computer. In addition to countless personal exhibitions, he took part in the most prestigious exhibitions, such as the XXXII and XLII Venice Biennale, the XI Biennale di San Paolo, the X and the XI Quadrennial in Rome, obtaining numerous awards. His works are exhibited in the main European and American museums.